About us


Tadeusz i Maria Mularski
created a horticulture farm,

out of which MULARSKI GROUP was born.

From the beginning of its operation the company was connected with horticulture and agriculture. Personal engagement of the entire family, a clear vision, strategy and policy of the company have contributed to dynamic development of the farm.


Gaining new experience, continuous actions aiming to increase production volume and modernise its processes.


Standardisation of tasks (GLOBALGAP, HACCP, IP). Product taste and quality are excellent, batches are uniform and products are well prepared for customers.

Top quality

Mularski Group acts in accordance with the “GLOBAL COMPACT” principles concerning human rights, work standards and environmental protection.

Company founders

Tadeusz i Maria Mularski

Our first store

1976 rok

Our timeline

This is how our company developed

We purchased land in Sobienie Biskupie
Launch of tomato production on the area of 600 sq m
Tomato production on the area of 4.3 ha
Acquisition of ‘Bory Malinowskie’ plant — 6 ha tomato production
Acquisition of 'Różanki' plant — 12 ha tomato production
Acquisition of 'Pszczyna' plant — 12 ha tomato production
Construction of 'Bory Malinowskie' plant — 12 ha tomato production
Launch of tomato production under lights — 12-month-cycle in 'Bory Malinowskie'
Construction of nursery greenhouses on the area of 9 ha in 'Bory Malinowskie'
Launch of cucumber production under lights — 12-month-cycle in 'Bory Malinowskie'
Purchase of 160 ha of land near Opole on which greenhouses are to be constructed
Construction of 'Różanki' plant — 12 ha tomato production
Launch of radish production: 12 ha of greenhouses — 12-month-cycle in 'Pszczyna'
Launch of field seedling production in 'Bory Malinowskie'

Corporate Social Responsibility

Other forms of cooperation with the local community are connected with supporting positive initiatives e.g.:

Numerous donations for social purposes and to social welfare organisations

Financial support for individuals and associations

Organisation of training/teambuilding/cultural events for company employees

Active participation in the life of local community

Advanced cooperation with educational institutions

Organisation of Doors Open Days for growers, during which company owners share their expert knowledge

Organisation of industry trainings and consultations for growers


We compete with quality, not price.

Competent customer service creates customer satisfaction. Deep understanding of customer needs is of key importance for proper ‘customisation’ of products and services.

Company policy

Searching for new sources of competitive advantage and improving management methods.
Continuous efforts aiming to achieve the position of a leader of the greenhouse vegetable market, greenhouse seedling market and field seedling market.

Our brands

Our vegetables are labelled under the Mularski brand and can be found in the leading groceries stores all over Poland.

Awards and distinctions

MULARSKI GROUP keeps strengthening its position on the Polish and foreign markets, which is confirmed by long-lasting business relations with partners from all over Europe and new offers of cooperation that keep coming in.

Distinctions and nominations awarded to MULARSKI GROUP create positive image of the company and the MULARSKI brand. The awards and distinctions we received confirm the company’s prestige and high quality of its products.

MULARSKI GROUP has won numerous competitions, awards, and distinctions. The most important are:

Economic Award of the President of the Republic of Poland

For the best farm granted by President Aleksander Kwasniewski 2003.

Cleaner Production Leader

title awarded for 2008 by the Polski Ruch Czystszej Produkcji Association.

Agro Poland Euro Quality

distinction in the AGRO POLAND EURO QUALITY competition won in 2004 in Warsaw.

Agroliga 2002 award

obtained for the best domestic company. Award of the Chair of Agricultural Market Agency, Warsaw 2002.

Golden Ear Statue 2001

awarded by the Scientific and Technical Association of Agriculture Engineers and Technicians.

Quality of the Year 2010

in the Strawberry Tomato category.

Cup of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, 2004

for high quality production obtained in 2004 from Wojciech Olejniczak.

Certificate of Cleaner Production Company

Economic Award of the Polish President

in the category of agricultural farms, Warsaw 2003.

Polish Countryside 2002

distinction at the Agricultural Fair Polish Countryside 2002 awarded for effective stand and top quality tomatoes, Bydgoszcz 2002.

Best Product

distinction in the competition Best Product for Raissa tomato at Agricultural Fair, Lubniewice 2002.

Gold Medal, Poznań 2001

at National Horticultural Fair, Poznań 2001

Farmer of the Year 1999

1st place in the 4th edition of a national competition.

Green Label 1999

member status of Food Producers’ Association.