Vegetable basket

Vegetable basket

Vegetable basket


About the product

Cocktail tomatoes Briozo are particularly valued on the market for their exceptional taste and appetising look, which increases their popularity among consumers. They gained recognition both in Poland and abroad. Children and adults like them. They make a perfect healthy snack, ingredient of salads, BBQ dishes, and sandwiches. They can substitute sweets when served in a bowl. Fruit of the Briozo variety are ball-shaped, sweet, and firm. They have intense red colour. They are offered on a branch, which helps them keep their taste and flavour. There are usually 8-10 tomatoes on one branch.

Weight Size Availability
35 - 45 g 35 - 45 g 12 - 46 week
Packaging Pallet Variety
- 250 g 'Sweet Bites'
- 500 g 'Sweet Bites'
- 3 kg box
72 - 136 Briozo


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