Vegetable basket

Vegetable basket

Vegetable basket


About the product

A tomatoes on the vine of Mularski Group has excellent taste and flavour developed over 20 years of growing this variety. This made us recognisable on the market and helped us gain consumer recognition both in Poland and abroad. Its fruit are fleshy, round, and juicy. They have intense red colour. It is perfect both for sandwiches and as the basis of soups and sauces. It is offered on a branch, which helps it keep its taste and flavour. There are usually 4-6 tomatoes on one branch. Prepared in accordance with specification defined by the customer.

Weight Size Availability
500 - 800 g 57 - 82 mm 14 - 48 week
Packaging Pallet Variety
5 kg box 120 Merlice / Endeavour


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