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TraceON System

System TraceON, which provides us with traceability, was created by ITS K7 Company. TraceON enables the producer to trace products at different stages of their development. Through QR code labelling of batches and locations the system is able to accumulate data about goods, components, packaging, treatment, transport etc. As a consequence, we gained an additional tool to control crop quality and production safety as well as a trustworthy business partner, that is ITS K7.

Deer Hill Golf Club

“By 2023, the spectacular Deer Hill Golf Klub golf course is to be built in Jelenia Góra. A place for recreation, relaxation and business. It will be an object with area of 90 hectares, unique on the national scale. This will allow you to play 27 full-size golf holes. It will be located between the Dąbrówka Park and the Norwegian Park, creating with them a unique sports and tourist complex. Thanks to this investment, Jelenia Góra can significantly contribute to the development and popularization of golf in Poland.” source: